Recent Before & After Photos

Water... lots of water...

This mother-in-law suite experienced a large water loss during "The Freeze" in January of 2018. Many homes were affected, especially those that weren't used fre... READ MORE

Ceiling pipe burst Camden Tn

Got a call from a insurance company about a family's house where a pipe had burst in the ceiling, and the ceiling and all the insulation fell down. We walked in... READ MORE

Water heater at local bank

We got a call from a local bank where a pipe to the water heater in the bathroom had burst. It had soaked 3 rooms upstairs including the foyer. lobby, and telle... READ MORE

Fire Damage in New Johnsonville TN

We got a call from an insurance company about a fire damage in a town 45 minutes away. We had to store much of the contents while we tore out the badly damaged ... READ MORE

Removing floors and flood cutting

After Hurricane Harvey in Houston we were assigned this job. We gathered our team and headed towards the house. When getting there we met with the home owner an... READ MORE

Top 10 Mistakes When Stripping & Waxing Floors

1. Learning the skill on your customer's floors. Stripping a floor is a learned skill. Learn it in a technical school or at a distributor's work area, but not o... READ MORE

Tar in my car!

When we traveled to Houston after Hurricane Harvey, I had to return with a generator and cables in my personal SUV. The cables were put into my back hatch witho... READ MORE

Water main burst in Huntingdon, TN

This flooded dental clinic in Huntingdon, TN was the result of a burst water main. You can see that the entire hallway is wet. The water extended into the offic... READ MORE

Strip and Wax

What a difference a little spit and shine does on VCT! We offer a variety of services, one of which is stripping and waxing vinyl composition tile (VCT). Applyi... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning... not Duck Cleaning...

This duct system was in need of a little SERVPRO TLC.Why should you have your HVAC system cleaned? The short answer is simple: because they get dirty over time ... READ MORE